Adventurous sailing

“Hoist the sails!”

Each year, the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will make a number of adventurous sailing trips. In April and December, we sail across the Atlantic, in the summer, the tall ship Stad Amsterdam sails the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay and the North Sea to IJmuiden, her port of registry. Are you a true sailing enthusiast and would you like to sail along on our ship? Why not enlist? But even if you have little sailing experience and would like to pitch in, you are most welcome. You could even receive sailing training. All options are open on these trips, but there are no obligations.

Sea sailing and standing watch

Ready for a real sea sailing sensation? You can join the crew on one of their scheduled watches and experience what sailing a clipper is all about.

The crew aboard the ship work a three-shift watch. There’s a red watch (midday to four PM and from midnight to four AM), a white watch (four to eight PM and AM) and a blue watch (from eight PM to midnight and from eight AM to midday). On board, you can indicate your preference for a particular watch. Under the supervision of the helmsman, you will join the quartermaster and a party of two (or more) sailors.

Our crew will be happy to instruct you in the basics of sea sailing a cross-rigged three-master and explain the various sailing manoeuvres and names of the sails and rigging.

Are you joining us to simply experience the beauty of a clipper at sea? That’s fine, too! You can relax in any way you like. With a good book on the rear deck or in the ling room, for example. Our hospitality crew is always ready to help.

Meals and accomodation

Meals are taken together with the crew in the clipper’s long room and the captain offers regular updates on the ship’s progress, discussing how many sea miles are left to go and other nautical points of interest. There are 14 cabins available. If you’re travelling on your own, you are free to share a cabin - and split the cost - with any other guest traveling alone.